Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm The Worst Blogger Ever

I blame my iPad. No really, I got in when it came out and it's a really fun gadget, but it limits the time I spend on a real computer. OK, maybe I wasn't a very good blogger before that.

Either way, it's certainly time for an update.

Halloween is coming. I really, really, really like Halloween. My son wants to be a viking (have I mentioned he's the coolest two year old ever?). So I've been geeking out on viking literature for about a month. I taught myself how to embroider and researched viking clothing. Now Liam has an amazing viking costume that he adores and never wants to take off. I made a tunic, a coat, a cape and an embroidered candy bag that attaches to his viking belt. The bag was supposed to have a scary dog/creature embroidered on it, but Liam calls it his viking giraffe. So I made the head yellow and brown instead. He loves it. I bought him a sword and a battle axe, both of which get him in more trouble than all the other toys in the house combined. ("Mommy! I axed the dog!")

What I really meant to talk about was that Halloween means Halloween poems on my website. I've been throwing them on there about once a week. They'll be gone once November hits, so make sure you check them out soon.

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